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Shining a Light

In the pandemic, I embarked on a form of socially-distanced storytelling that's new for me—podcasting.

“Shining a Light” is a new limited podcast series for female leaders— whether starting a dream, climbing towards a goal or as an already established entrepreneur. The first episode was just released today and we will be releasing one episode each week through mid-April.

The idea for this podcast began early in the pandemic when many Minnesota’s top female presidents and CEOs in the Women President's Organization found themselves leaning on one another for support as they faced unforeseen crisis.

They struggled. They picked up the pieces. Started over. Found silver linings. Emerging with more resilience than ever before.

The podcast episodes are intimate conversations of failure, reinvention, moving forward and redefining values: in equity, community and influence.

You’ll hear from women leading Lurie, LLP (the podcast sponsor) as well as Doran Companies, Children's Theatre Company, Science Museum of Minnesota, PNC Bank and more, all of whom speak vulnerably about leading through a pandemic, the murder of George Floyd and racial unrest.

I didn’t know when I embarked on the project that needed to hear some of these invaluable lessons. These women gave me courage as I started my own business too, forming Seavert Studios as this podcast unfolded.

When we began brainstorming, I reached out to a filmmaker and fellow mother/storyteller I'd admired from afar. Maribeth Romslo and I met on Zoom last June and started on this podcast journey together— and even though we’ve met only a few times in real life still— she’s become a great collaborator, mentor and friend.

We hope these conversations can be a beacon to any woman on a leadership journey, to uplift, support, encourage one another and know you are not alone.

So share, listen and most of all—keep shining a light.

Always, Lindsey

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