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Making the World Brighter One Story at a Time

My years of journalism have given me a mastery in a variety of approaches to serve your storytelling needs. I offer story development and pre-production, writing, video producing and documentary filmmaking. I also frequently serve as a public speaker and emcee.



Lindsey Seavert is an Emmy, Edward R. Murrow, and Alfred I. duPont award-winning journalist and documentary filmmaker fueled by a calling to bring untold stories to light.

The legacy of teaching in her family inspires Lindsey to use stories as a vehicle to empower, educate, create empathy and spark systemic change. Her parents were Minnesota public school teachers who gave her the gift of curiosity, so with a book and pencil often in hand, she began writing as a young child, and hasn't stopped since.

She worked as a reporter at five news stations stretching from Northern Minnesota, Nevada, and Ohio before coming home to the Twin Cities and working as a reporter at WCCO-TV and KARE-11 TV. In 2020, Lindsey moved to a freelance journalist and filmmaking role after releasing her first award-winning documentary, Love Them First.

The feature-length documentary, created at KARE 11, features a courageous Minneapolis principal fighting to get her students off the list of ‘failing’ schools while grappling with Minnesota’s vast achievement gap between Black and White students.

The film, which received one of journalism’s highest honors with the 2020 Alfred I. duPont award, has been applied into collegiate educational curriculum, featured at national education conferences and utilized at countless education staff development workshops.


The impact is only beginning, and Lindsey hopes to continue this advocacy, raising consciousness about the intersection of race and education, as she explores future film projects. Her work often focuses on women, families and children in underrepresented communities. Much of her inspiration comes from her late father, who spent his career advocating for teachers.

Lindsey is dedicated to mentoring young journalists and volunteering in the Twin Cities community.

Her hobbies include running, fitness and creative writing. The greatest chapters of her own story feature her family, her husband Ian, her son Stellan and daughter, Phoebe. They live in southwest Minneapolis.





20 fUN fACTS


I was born on Friday the 13th, so I am fairly superstitious and consider 13 my lucky number.

I am an Enneagram Type 2 – “The Helper.”


I am a night owl who writes my best work between midnight and 3am.


Therefore, I need three cups of coffee to form a sentence in the morning. 

I am very clumsy, but I’ve never broken a bone.


I am terrible at sports and very uninterested in athletics as well. The only “sport” I ever tried was synchronized swimming and even that was a disaster. My family still laughs about it.


I eat dill pickles every day.


I love to cook—making creative soups and salads are my specialty.


I love fashion and was voted “Best Dressed” in High School. I made it a goal to never repeat an outfit, but these days I live in workout clothes if I don’t dress up for Zoom calls.

My Dad nicknamed me “Hollywood” because it has always taken me so long to get ready in the morning, between finding my perfect outfit and doing my hair and makeup.

My first job was as a receptionist answering phones at a realty company and to this day,

I’m grateful for the experience because it gave me the skills to connect with anyone almost instantly.

My first concert was New Kids on The Block.

The first CDs I ever owned was Meatloaf and Four Non-Blonds.

I am a bookworm who will read a book cover to cover in one sitting.

I started writing as a child. I remember penning an elaborate picture book about my dog in first grade and reading it to my class. I knew I was going to be a journalist back then. 

One of my superpowers is that people open up to me and spill their secrets, at the grocery store, passing by on the street. And I love to listen.

I have a gazillion stories about being a news reporter for two decades, from knocking on creepy doors, ducking from gunfire, being on the front lines of wildfires and tornados, in the middle of protests and interviewing famous people.

I met my husband Ian when I was just 19 years old when he spotted me from afar at a party. Our first date was a fraternity-sorority formal dance and we had a long-distance relationship for three years.

One of the most challenging things I have ever been through is being isolated in a hospital room for more than a month on hospital bedrest with my daughter Phoebe, for a pregnancy condition called vasa previa. She was born early at 36 weeks, weighing 4 pounds, 11 ounces.

Phoebe has a cochlear implant for single-sided deafness. Our son Stellan struggles with ADHD and anxiety, so meeting their individual and special needs has stretched us for the better and changed us infinitely as parents.  

I’m an optimist and l’ll never stop believing in the power of goodness, and what we can all do to create a just world, beginning with our children.

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